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Annie is a bridge between worlds - a true psychic medium.

From a very early age Annie experienced the ability to communicate with souls. Not just ghosts; or the souls of deceased loved ones or ones in different dimensional realities; but Annie could also talk to the souls inside living bodies.

Annie has many childhood memories of talking to 'otherside folk' and helping 'ghosties' go home. In those early childhood days she soon discovered that other people couldn't do what she did, so she learnt to go about using her skills quietly and without fuss. Since then Annie has had countless experiences with souls. Some wanted her help to cross over; some wanted to pass on a message to living loved ones; some wanted to impart higher levels of knowledge; and some just merely wanted to chat and tell their story to someone that could hear and understand them.

Over the years, she explored and developed a deep understanding of her abilities and accumulated a vast amount of knowledge from 'the best spiritual teachers' - those on the other side.

In her 30's she realised that her abilities should be shared and used to help other people. Annie is also a trained Archaeologist and an Anthropologist, so she also has a vast amount of knowledge about history and how humans operate and behave. She combines all her academic, scientific and spiritual knowledge with her psychic abilities to help people choose the best directions and pathways for their life journey.

Annie can speak all the languages of the soul, Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudio (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing) and Clairalience (clear smelling). She firmly believes that everyone can learn to talk to their own soul and to be their own best psychic.

Annie has 'read' for many people around the world, including celebrities, dignitaries and has appeared on television in the UK. She has given technical advice for movies and books and has also been written about. She is currently based in Australia and is working on her own set of books to convey what she has learnt from her countless psychic experiences.

If you would like to make a booking to see Annie for a private consultation or to attend one of her workshops to learn how to communicate with your own soul or others, please look at our website for further details.

We hope to see you again!

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